The Only Method You Need To Learn Anything New

Listen with nothing on your mind To learn anything new, it goes without saying that we need to be able to listen. The problem is that we’re bombarded with information from all directions on a day-to-day basis. Tiny musical “pings” throughout the day announce the arrival of emails, texts and messages of all kinds. We’ve […]

Forget the Blueprints to less Stress

Why not connect to your inner stressbuster? Let’s start with a question. What creates stress in your daily life? You’re probably thinking that it’s anything from the commute to work, the project you’re working on or the argument you had with your partner the night before. But just take a minute to think about it. […]

Mindful or “Mind full” Communication?

What are you thinking about when you’re communicating? Would you say that: 1) you’re being mindful of the moment or 2) that your mind is full? Number 1)  is the key to getting great results but Number 2) leads to stress and low performance. Let me explain. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you manage […]