You're a powerful leader with unlimited potential.

But did you know that you're also a bit of a perfectionist?

And it's preventing you from being the amazing Coach & Leader you could be in English.


I know that you often feel stuck, overwhelmed or worried about not knowing enough.

I know that you often feel like you should be somewhere else by now.

I've been there too.

So stop searching, you've come to the right place!


I love helping Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs like you grow your confidence & communication skills

to mindfully take your international career to the next level... in English.

(if you're not sure whether you're a perfectionist or not, read about some of the main behaviours here)

I know what you want:

You want to be able to chat, discuss, present, negotiate, sell.... yourself, your ideas, your business.... clearly, confidently and authentically.

You want to make a difference, create an impact, leave your mark.... in English.


You know you need your own Personal Coach to achieve this.

Someone who will encourage, guide and help you to show up, step up and speak up. Someone who you can trust to get the unique support you deserve, who believes in you and your potential.

And this time you want a new approach, something different, because the things you've tried so far haven't got you the results you want.

So let's look at how to work on the ONE big obstacle to the results you want: your MIND.

Because when you choose to work on your mindset first, your English communication becomes...

ECOLOGICAL & ORGANIC: by learning how to manage your mind, you create strong, healthy foundations, which help you to take back control and move towards the results you desire.

I also have a brain-friendly process (Neurolanguage Coaching®) in my toolkit that I combine with customized content so that your English comes alive.

NATURAL & SIMPLE: when you have the right mindset, you no longer feel powerless, stuck or frustrated. Communicating no longer feels as complicated or hard. With less on your mind, it’s easier for you to be you and to connect with others. Gaining confidence, you find your flow and are able to express yourself more clearly and sincerely.

EFFECTIVE & SUSTAINABLE: having trained your brain, you are no longer an obstacle to your progress; you know how to use it for you instead of against you. Fully aware of your perfectionist patterns and with new “greener” thinking habits, you are free to learn and communicate more effectively, creating long-lasting relationships & success.

Meet Your Coach

Hi I’m Kelly.

I'm a British "city" girl who has chosen a greener lifestyle in the South of France. And I'm also a recovering Perfectionist. Read more about my journey here.

Being a Coach myself and Leader of my own business, I have experienced at first hand how our thoughts and unconscious beliefs can hold us back from the results we want. That's why I love helping Coaches and Leaders like you to:

1/ build a "greener" mindset to support, in a healthier and happier way, your progress and potential AND

2/ grow your English communication skills in your business.

I work with Female Coaches & Leaders who can speak English at intermediate level or above and who are ready to do the work to see their confidence and results change for the better.

In other words, with me,

  • you develop a fertile mindset and find your inner power & natural flow
  • your communication comes alive
  • you AND your business/career can grow. 

Because our ability to communicate well with others is closely connected to how we communicate with ourselves.

But we are often our own obstacle: we doubt ourselves and fear takes over. The feeling of "not good enough" prevents us from speaking up. We miss golden opportunities to shine and we feel powerless or we give our power away to others.

Ready to achieve that global impact you desire for you and your business?

Let's have a conversation to discuss what it would look like to work together.


Our sessions were wonderful, effective and motivating! You helped me to find the best shape to explain my experience. I was able to be myself, more confident, speak clearly, stay simple. This got me to conduct effective interviews in English and finally to have a new job in a new company. I am now more confident, I don’t have fears when someone from other countries/regions calls me and starts to speak in English, when I ask a question or when I want to explain my opinion.

Angela, Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry, Italy

I was tired of feeling down, unheard and misunderstood. I really did not know where to look for help. I enjoyed working with Kelly, and working on my own ghosts. The results are that she helped me to bring from my unconscious to my conscious some fears and face them. I can now analyse myself and my thoughts clearly.

Aline, Manager, USA

I realized that maybe what I really needed was something different. I needed to improve my self confidence to push myself beyond my deep barriers. We started coaching sessions and, step by step, I became who I really wanted to be: someone that isn’t scared of changing, who rises to the challenges and who doesn’t choose always her safe zone. Looking behind I see all the successes I got since Kelly is coaching me and now I couldn’t do without her!

A. Brancadoro, Account Executive, Milan

Working with Kelly is a real pleasure, her professionalism, patience and interests in life are making her one of the best Coaches I’ve ever met. For me it was a real gift to find a mix of professional coaching and English. She supported me in my life challenges, like to join the EMBA program, and also shared my interests like psychology education. She is very passionate and her great sense of humor made me wait for each lesson. Her proper way of giving feedback helps to keep focus on language improvement. Her highly prepared way of working helped me with discipline. Thank you Kelly!!!

Tamara Solntseva, HR Executive, Moscow

Kelly is much more than an English teacher, she’s really an English coach in the sense that she’s able to focus our main discussion on my personal interests and little by little we are sharing a lot about my way of life, my thoughts, my desires and my fears. And I have become aware that I can express myself in English, with depth. I can express a lot of ideas and emotions, I can share points of view extensively and discuss matters. I am so happy to realize that I have some good English bases which have been sleeping in my brain for 20 years, and Kelly has managed for the past 4 months to show me them and to improve them. The consequence of this is that I have gained more confidence. And gaining more confidence, I am happy to speak in English, I speak more, I enjoy writing in English too, I watch movies and I listen to radios programs… Well, I am surprising myself. I am waiting for this day when I will be able to dream and think in English, and I am sure that it will come soon… because after each lesson, Kelly sends to me a lot of tools to improve my vocabulary and my grammar and it’s so useful!
And the most important thing is that Kelly is really attentive. Her kindness, her gentleness and her constant positive support mean that I am waiting with pleasure for each lesson. Thank you so much Kelly for your help and your sincere enthusiasm!!

Anne-Paule, Public Administration, France

I have acquired a lot from Kelly, she is professional, she is able to help me to elevate myself to the next level.

Vicky Mak, Hong Kong

Kelly is the best English coach that I have ever met. She is a good listener. She listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface that holds me back or moves me forward.

She helps me to clarify my dilemma/problems through a list of insightful questions at and after each coaching session. After each session, Kelly sent a very detailed session note to follow up.  She is amazingly resourceful and focused. It was really a fruitful journey. Kelly helps me to create more space for myself, and now I have greater peace of mind.

I always recommend Kelly to friends who have a hump to get over or just need a third party to help them get unstuck.

Jovy Lai, Freelance Writer, Hong Kong

Grâce à Kelly, sa patience, ses cours très bien ciblés, son authenticité … j’ai vraiment progressé au point de me lancer le défi de partir en terre anglophone seule. Je me suis super bien débrouillée.
Thanks to Kelly, her patience, her personalized lessons, her authenticity… I’ve really improved to the extent that I even set myself the challenge of travelling to England alone. It went really well.

A. Durand, Teacher, France

A great pleasure to share 1:1 course with Kelly. Her approach is very hopeful and exciting. After only 10 lessons, I feel more confident with my English! Thank you Kelly!

Elodie Labit, PhD Student, Calgary

I have been working with Kelly for a whole year. For me this is a great achievement. Kelly is energetic and proactive, able to catch and develop an interesting and useful discussion. She is not only an excellent teacher of English, but also a coach in self-development. Tips and explanations after each lesson that Kelly sends by email help to consolidate.

Aleksandrs Minajevs, Latvia, Board Member & CEO

When I was assigned to a regional position after I had worked for local roles for the past 16 years, I realized that the situation was much tougher than I anticipated mainly due to my English proficiency and gaps in cultural diversity. I want to tell ‘be prepared before you get into that situation’. However, if you are in a situation similar to mine, you may have a hope. It won’t be too late if you can find an outstanding coach like Kelly. I learned how I can speak better in concise and succinct way, how to make successful presentation and how to obtain desired outcomes from fierce debate and competitions. I prefer to call her a coach, instead of an English teacher, because she carefully listened to me, healed me and provided solutions even when my mental collapsed. Now, I am somewhat confident of my English skills, because I now know how to speak concisely, listen carefully and understand context, ask at the right time and how to continue the whole conversation. I’m so glad I have been able to regularly study with Kelly for the past 3 years, and I will continue to improve my communication skills with her help.

D.C., S. Korea

Thank you, Kelly for encouraging me. I’m feeling more confident than before. It was very kind teaching and coaching. So helpful for me.

E. Park, Senior Legal Counsel, S. Korea

My favorite teacher ever!

Anna Makarova, Expatriate, Thailand

I’ve been studying English since I was 6 and I can definitely say I have never met a coach like Kelly! Her lessons are extremely fine-tuned to student needs and skills and this makes the interaction very comfortable. After only two months I’m feeling more confident and definitely able to understand native speakers better and to speak in public. She’s the person you have to choose if you want really to stand out from the crowd and make an impact in English!

Adele Brancadoro, Business Development Manager, Rome

How can I help you?

Mindset Coaching – 8-Week Program

Do you wish you had a formula that would help you feel more confident, in control and “enough”? A program where the content changed the way you saw yourself, your English communication and your business? This is that program.

Move Your English

The mindful combination of movement and nature calms the brain and helps you to find your flow in English. You air your mind, make progress AND get exercise outside, what could be better?

Communication Skills Package

Whether you want to focus on your English for presentations or interviews in your business, everything is exclusively designed for YOU.

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